Corporate Overview

Solid background based on proven integration of science and practice

Company Details

   Spilna Sprava was established at the beginning of 90th by teachers and employees of Vinnitsa National Technical University. At that time the University itself acted as an incubator for a wide range of companies that are operating at the high-tech market now. Scientific and technical enterprise “Spilna Sprava” is one of them. The company became one of the first enterprises developing and implementing organizational and administrative computer systems on the enterprises of Podol region of Ukraine. During the past years the company implemented a great number of business-projects, most of which were in the sphere of high-tech and software development. Today the basic specializations of the company are: processing, encoding and transmitting media content to Media Servers, development of multifunction ERP systems on the basis of client-server technologies, development of wide range products for managing FIX connections between multiple trading sides, allowing to manage financial resources and carry out electronic trade; varied system appendixes; software and hardware systems that are used in complex objects’ modeling and visualization; development of expert models, training specialists, advising and performing trade operations in the international exchanges via Internet technologies with the use of modern methods of decision making etc. All of the above mentioned require not only skilled software developers, but also highly experienced staff with scientific background. Among the partners and clients of “Spilna Sprava” there are not only entities based in Ukraine, but also companies from the USA, Israel, Russian Federation. Unique possibilities “Spilna Sprava” is providing are based upon its highly qualified staff comprising of professors and students of Vinnitsa National Technical University, that is considered to be one of leading Ukrainian universities. Among the companies employees there are specialists with PhD’s and master’s degrees. All of them are experienced specialists in the area of mathematical design and information technologies possessing a wide range of published scientific works, awards and honors received at Ukrainian and international competitions, symposiums, workshops and conferences. “Spilna Sprava” today is a dynamically developing company led by a strong group of programmers, managers and mathematicians, ready to accomplish even the most complicated tasks with the use of varied scientific methods and up to date computer technologies.