Spilna Sprava was founded in 90-th by the group of individuals who decided to create their proprietary business after leaving Flextronix Ukraine and Atomic Dog Publishing in the US. Since then we have grew up as an experienced team including 60 full-time developers and about up to 15 developers working part-time. Most our employees have either bachelor or Master of Science degree in computer sciences or applied mathematics or electronics. Our team is based on specialists from Vinnytsia National Technical University (It is one of the best Ukrainian Technical Universities with high level of education in information technologies and computer engineering). 

   Since years Spilna Sprava has become a world class company that offers brilliant custom solutions to meet all of customer’s computing needs. From programming solutions, network design and installation, training, and 24 hour support services. Spilna Sprava is sure to make your business within your budget, in time and at the most appropriate cost. By effectively making use of technology you can spend your time getting the job done, instead of spending your time trying to figure out how to get it done. End result? More hours in a day for you to do what you need to do or better yet, what YOU want to!